Residency for legendary Moog synthesizers open in Williamsburg

Try out a bunch of different pieces of Moog Music equipment, or see some real pros do it up close.

Moog synthesizer getting prepped before a show. Photo by Flickr user Lars Bjørkevoll [creative commons].

All month long you can try out Moog synthesizers at Rough Trade‘s Williamsburg location, at the company’s residency in the space. Not only that, you’ll even be welcome to record yourself using them. Well known synthesizer artists will be on hand at different times to play the instruments and demonstrate the flexibility of the handbuilt electronic keyboards.

Moog Synthesizer Residency at Rough Trade NYC
64 N. 9th St
March 5 to March 29th
11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Moog synthesizer was one of the earliest electronic instruments. The Moog sound is widely associated with 80s genres Synthpop and New Wave. Its inventor, Bob Moog, died in 2005, at 71 years old. Pro-tip: “Moog” is pronounced as if it rhymes with “vogue.”

From the announcement:

The installation includes a producers station, drone towers, 10 voice polyphonic analog synth, 6 voice Minimoog drum synth, and over 50 analog effects boxes.
Future sound experiments will take place throughout the duration of the installation, including an appearance by Kiran Gandhi of M.I.A. on March 20th and another by Anna Barie of These Are Powers on a date TBA.
Series: Brooklyn

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