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Watch an NYU researcher explain the promise of 5G wireless

5G is like an invisible fabric that will wirelessly connect future objects like drones and cars.

The future is bright. And wireless. Marco Mezzavilla at TEDxMiddlebury. (Screenshot via YouTube)

In a TEDx talk on the future of communications, NYU Wireless’s Marco Mezzavilla explained the history and state of 5G cellular technology yesterday.

“In 5G there will be new players connecting wirelessly,” Mezzavilla said. “Sensors, for example, in the smart society concept, also known as the Massive Internet of Things. In the future smart city we might have a lot of sensors used to measure water, energy … cars will wirelessly connect to each other and to the internet and realize the fully driverless car paradigm.”

The NYU Wireless program has been leading the nation on the work of creating 5G. This past summer, professor Ted Rappaport successfully tested 5G technology in rural Virginia with his students.

Watch Mezzavilla’s full talk below.

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