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Looking Glass: a cabinet of holographic curiosities [GIF]

Looking Glass does "volumetric printing" — 3D images in transparent blocks. The "hologram 2.0" company is raising funds on Kickstarter.

(Image via the Looking Glass Kickstarter page)

A brother and sister team, Shawn and Christina Frayne, have perfected a process for making holograms in lucite — by printing images, stacking them and locking them together in a vacuum chamber. Check this out:

Looking Glass Frog

There’s no frog in there. It’s just ink.

Looking Glass wants to make a collection of natural curiosities. The duo is turning to Kickstarter to turn their prototype into a full-production printer. Imagine a 3D image of your spouse or kids in a lucite block on your desk, Looking Glass says. Three-dimensional fractal sculptures.

Pledge $99 to get your own 3D image printed

Previously, Shawn Frayne worked to collect wind energy in urban environments.

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