If you like computers, art and music, check out Algorave this weekend

The party will feature performers programming music in real time. Sounds cool.

James Spadola, man of many talents.

(Courtesy photo)

So this looks interesting.

The idea behind Algorave, an art and dance party this Sunday night in Bushwick, is to create music while programming in real time in front of an audience.

There’s not much info on the event’s invitation, but the party promises, “An evening of live coding music featuring Parrises Squares, Vinton Surf, Daniel Steffy and Reckoner.”

Algoraves seem to be an exercise of live coding transposed into dance or house music. It’s been going on in different cities in Europe and North America since 2012.

The best description of what Algorave is actually like comes from an article in Mixmag about an Algorave in the UK.

An artist with the simple stage name Joanne, is standing on a stage at the Amersham Arms, looking at her laptop and typing, immersed in dry ice and the creative process, as a projection plays behind her. Red, blue, green, yellow, purple text on a black background moves and changes; highlighted orange, and cut-and-pasted, in a flash, disappearing with the rhythm of a cursor. The music it conjures is bouncing out of several well-placed speakers. It ricochets from the corners of the dimmed room as a repetitive dull thud drops, then builds up through a crunching, incessant rhythm. Some of the audience squeals, the floor vibrating with a heavy beat that’s almost organic. This is the look and sound of live-coded electronic music, or the more recently (and craftily) coined music ‘genre’ now known as Algorave.


All tickets are available at the door.

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