One of Brooklyn’s top designers just made a new kind of toy

Jonathan Bobrow's Troxes just hit Kickstarter, and they're pretty cool.

Troxes just went live on Kickstarter.

(Image via Kickstarter)

They’re like a combination of Legos, blocks and high-end design prototyping — a toy for your kids that is imagination-intensive and screen-free.

They’re called Troxes, and they’re the work of one of Brooklyn’s top designers, Jonathan Bobrow.

“Troxes are triangular, interlocking building bricks,” the toy’s Kickstarter says. “They were designed at the MIT Media Lab as a medium for geometric play beyond the boxes and right angles that are so common in most building toys. Troxes exercise and deepen spatial thinking, and allow for the construction of objects as beautiful as they are unusual.”

Bobrow launched a Kickstarter for the Troxes Wednesday morning. It’s the first product to come out of the design studio he cofounded with game designer Nick Bentley, Move38.

“It’s a company founded on raising a generation of systems thinkers through playful design,” Bobrow said via direct message.

Bobrow was named by his peers as one of the best designers working in Brooklyn, in our list Your favorite designer’s favorite designers: 21 of Brooklyn’s top firms and people.


Troxes start at $29 on Kickstarter.

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