Defend Brooklyn in this new Revolutionary War iOS game

“Brooklyn 1776” puts you in the shoes of George Washington as he stares down the advancing British navy.

When the Revolutionary War began, dozens, then hundreds of British warships swarmed New York Harbor. It would have been a terrifying and imposing sight to behold, if you were a revolutionary, but George Washington managed his rookie army to a respectable showing in the ensuing Battle of Brooklyn.
Now the battle is being made into an iOS game called Brooklyn 1776.

“It puts the player in the shoes of George Washington as he watches the British advance north through Gravesend,” said the game’s creator, Mark Hurst, in an interview with Brooklyn. “It was the largest naval invasion of the 18th century. … The fact that Washington decided to fight is pretty bold and that was the moment where the game begins. The British have landed and they’re beginning to show up in Brooklyn.”

The game is set to launch on Thursday.

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