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HowAboutWe buys Nerve.com, launches suite of media ventures

HowAboutWe is launching a suite of content websites in order to draw more users into its singles and couples sites.

HowAboutWe - Developers at work in Dumbo offices. Photo by Brady Dale, 9/12/13

HowAboutWe wants to upset the owners of sites like Match.com and OKCupid. The founders have their eyes on a total dating disruption, according to Fortune Tech. To that end, the site has acquired Nerve.com, a site known for its smart writing on sex and relationships since the 1990s.

We spoke to one of HowAboutWe‘s founders about the site’s singles and couples sides this summer as well as highlighting their blog, which has now evolved into a larger site.

Fortune writes of HowAboutWe’s next move:

Wednesday, HowAboutWe will launch HowAboutWe Media, which contains four websites that will be free to all and independent from the company’s pay memberships: The Date ReportSwimminglyFamously, and Nerve.

The last one is the most notable. Readers may remember Nerve.com as one of the first popular web-only magazines, launched in 1997 as a somewhat edgy place for opinion, fiction, and essays about sex. While Nerve is an acquisition, Swimmingly and Famously are brand-new sites; TheDateReport was an already extant site run by HowAboutWe that has been refreshed.

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