For those who want to really understand blockchain, there’s a new library, Coindexter

With help from some Brooklyn blockchain experts, Jonathan Libov is here to explain what the hell is going on with cryptocurrency these days.

Problems to ponder.

(Photo by Attribution Engine user Namecoin, used under a Creative Commons license)

One of the biggest hurdles to understanding the world of cryptocurrencies is… understanding it.

The crypto exchanges are not like a futures market on corn or wheat or even stocks of companies because they’re hypercomplex and there is little news from established research orgs and journalists on them.

Jonathan Libov would like to change that, however, with a new site, Coindexter. The site will be a collaborative library of research papers on different aspects of the blockchain, and geared toward long-term investors.

As the prices of cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in the last few months, a lot of people have made a lot of money. And that’s brought a whole new population into the crypto ecosystem.

“I hope that Coindexter helps people focus on the fundamentals of blockchain, protocols and other decentralized tech, rather than short-term arbitrage opportunities on cryptocurrencies, which is already pretty well-served,” Libov said in a direct message.

In a blog post,┬áhe adds: “Being a long-term investor in blockchain entails many things, and reading the whitepaper is one of them. Looking to survey the literature on ‘sidechains’ or ‘snarks’ to better your thesis? An index of coins and their financials won’t help you there.”

Libov works on product for the medical startup Figure 1 and was previously at Union Square Ventures.

The site was built with help from two prominent Brooklyn blockchain experts, Nick Chirls, of Notation Capital, and Jake Brukhman, of CoinFund.

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