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Here’s your chance to become an Eyebeam Fellow

Work with the South Brooklyn tech/arts institution to understand the nature of Power.

At Eyebeam's 2015 Annual Showcase. (Photo by Brady Dale)

Eyebeam has to be one of the organizations doing the most interesting work in the country. It’s a rare place where the focus is solely on understanding (or working toward understanding) parts of very big issues in non-academic, artistic and technological ways.
“As new models of computation mix with older forms of governance, the shape of Power—not only as control, but as influence over desires, tempos and perceptions—is transforming,” according to Eyebeam. “This year, Eyebeam will offer five residencies to foster the research, analysis, and production of Power and its distribution.”
The organization is looking at power through four lenses:

  • networks and surfaces
  • economies and currencies
  • intelligence and bodies
  • fictions and realities

Fellows will receive free work space at Eyebeam (located in Industry City), mentorship resources and $31,000 for living and materials expenses. The fellowship lasts 9-12 months. Deadline is May 15.


Companies: Eyebeam / Industry City
Series: Brooklyn

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