Gawker alums’ bid for the domain failed. Now Mike Cernovich wants to buy the site

Could become a mouthpiece for the alt-right?

Mike Cernovich, asking tough questions in his video "The FBI is framing people. Are they murdering people, too?"

(Image via YouTube)

Alt-right agitator Mike Cernovich has made a bid to buy for $500,000, reports Vanity Fair.

The bid comes after a failed crowdfunding campaign last month by a semi-anonymous group of former Gawker writers and executives.

Cernovich is the head of what he calls Cernovich Media, hosted on, which posts a few articles each week by freelance writers. Most of Cernovich’s content creation comes from Cernovich himself, a vociferous tweeter and Periscope streamer. Cernovich has 263 patrons donating more than $5,200 each month on Patreon, where he’s raising money to fund more media offerings.

“Every day I wake up ready to raise hell and bring you the news and stories that others are afraid to tell,” he wrote on Patreon. “I take on the entire mainstream media, and they now live in fear of me. Everyone from Gawker to the Washington Post to the Daily Beast has tried to take me out. They have failed and will fail.” is on sale as a consequence of the bankruptcy of the company that followed its mammoth legal battle with Hulk Hogan, over the publishing of a video showing him having sex. Former Gawker employees, many of whom vocally take pride in the work they did at the site, had tried to raise money to help them make a bid for the domain and the content published on it in December and January. The group hoped to raise enough money to bring the site back in some form. Ultimately, the group was able to raise only $89,000 of a $500,000 goal.

Neither Elizabeth Spiers nor James Del, leaders of the effort, responded to a request for comment.

According to Vanity Fair, there are more than 200,000 articles in the Gawker archive.

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