‘Game of Phones’: social card game from BK MFA students [Crowdfunding]

Quit letting your phone distract you from socializing. In fact, make it integral.

Game of Phones cards From the Kickstarter page.

There are two reasons we love the idea behind this new, cleverly-named Kickstarter project Game of Phones, which is from two MFA students, Brooklyn-based Luke Stern and Sam Wander.

  1. It honestly sounds like a really fun game and we’d totally play at the next gathering of the Technically team.
  2. The breathlessness with which certain commentators will definitely condemn it, particularly if it catches on at all.

The game is very simple, and it has a certain Apples to Apples quality. A group of people gather around a table with their cell phones out, connected to the Internet and charged. One person draws a card. That card has some sort of weird challenge on it. For example: “The weirdest Google Image search result for your name”

I’d pick this:


Another possibility: “The next person to get a like on Instagram wins” or “Yuppiest app.”

The person who picked the card judges the round. Their favorite pick wins. Ostensibly, the person with the most wins wins the game, but we’re going to bet that it doesn’t really exactly end that way. It probably more ends in hilarity and running out of beer, but it sounds good.

We like it. We hope it gets funded.

They have six days to go and need a little more than $1,000 to reach their $6000 goal.

Back Game of Phones -- $25 gets you a deck

Here’s the video where they explain it, but we expect you basically get it.

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