Lead reporter Brady Dale is heading to the New York Observer

Reflections on the Brooklyn tech scene after nearly two years on the beat.

A favorite photo from the early days, inside the Storyhunter offices at 20 Jay St.

(Photo by Brady Dale)

Technical.ly cofounder Chris Wink and I first started writing posts for this site in August 2013. During those heady early days filing stories ahead of our launch date, we discovered the tech entrepreneur running for mayor and the DIY genetics lab working with rare plants in Alaska.
Then we went live. And for the next 21 months I worked the beat here in Brooklyn as best I knew how. Now, this was my first stint as a beat reporter. I didn’t have a newsroom with older reporters to emulate. With the support of the Technical.ly team, I learned it as I went.

Brady Dale. (Photo by Andrew Nusca)

Cheers to you, Brady Dale. (Photo by Andrew Nusca)

It has been great to watch so closely the broader city’s evolving understanding of this end of Long Island.
If all of this sounds a little past-tense, it is. On Wednesday morning I start as a full-time reporter for the New York Observer’s innovation vertical. I’m moving on from Technical.ly Brooklyn and broadening my reporting to the larger technology scene as a whole. In this new role, I look forward to continuing to watch a lot of the makers I’ve come to know and admire in Brooklyn.
If you really want to keep up with what I’m doing, just follow me on Twitter. I also have a Contently profile.
I’ve written 1,222 posts on Technical.ly Brooklyn. I sat down to make a list of some favorites and at first it was really hard.
Sure enough, though, one post made me think of another and I came up with something. Here’s a list that I think captures some of the more fun, interesting stuff from nearly two years of daily writing:

Thanks for being with me as I basically learned how to be a reporter while you watched. I hope it was fun for all of us.
Thanks for everyone at Technical.ly for permitting me to do this and for putting up with my curmudgeonliness. Thanks to the community for welcoming us to Brooklyn.
I won’t be far. You don’t really leave Technical.ly. Your relationship to it just changes.

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