Close your eyes and let Hillary and Donald take you through a guided meditation

Internet weirdo Sam Lavigne's latest project is just what you need right now.


(Image via Sam Lavigne)

Somewhere between transcendental and disturbing, you will fall deeply into the vibrations of Guided Meditation. Brooklyn technopostmodernist Sam Lavigne’s new piece is a four-minute video of super-slowed-down moans and sounds made by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump set to psychedelic and slow-motion movements of them at one of the debates.
The piece debuted in Dis Magazine this week.
“In Sam Lavigne’s video work, the 2016 Presidential election debate becomes a guided meditation performed by the candidates; a process of renewal and self-healing for the nation,” the piece’s description reads. “‘Umms’ become ‘omms’ and political jargon a meditative mantra.”

Lavigne is most popular in these web pages for his stance that there is nothing good on the internet. Yet despite his nihilism he continues to put outstandingly smart, critical work out onto it. His Online Shopping Center piece uses artificial intelligence to better allow people to buy products online in their sleep. Lavigne is also the co-creator of the subversively dumb Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon.

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