BioLite raises $1.2 million after only 5 days on Kickstarter

The Dumbo company created a fireplace that doesn't produce smoke.

BioLite's FirePit did major numbers on Kickstarter. (Courtesy image)

Dumbo startup BioLite built a portable fireplace that doesn’t produce smoke and it’s lighting up Kickstarter.

The company’s new product, FirePit, has raised more than $1.2 million after only five days.

The way FirePit works is that it has an internal fan that circulates air into the bottom of the fire, raising the temperature in the fireplace to be hot enough that nearly all particles are burned during combustion, which allows the fire to produce essentially no smoke.

“This means two important things,” according to the company’s Kickstarter page. “1) You get the crackling, the smell, and the feel of a robust wood fire but WITHOUT the smoke and 2) You can actually achieve a warm, roaring fire with LESS wood because you’re burning your original fuel more efficiently.”

The FirePit can be controlled from the user’s phone via Bluetooth, adjusting for heat and height of the fire’s flames.

It costs $199 on Kickstarter, and will start being shipped next spring.

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