Digital Art Friday: Man Bartlett, 2012, “sometimes i can’t decide” [GIF]

Announcing a new series, Digital Art Friday.

Because art and tech are so inextricably linked in Brooklyn, we’re going to start posting one piece of pure digital art here on the site every Friday. We hope you dig it.

The idea came to us while checking out Bushwick Open Studios back in June. This is probably the most we’ll write about the series from here on out, so here’s the ground rules.

Watch this space most Fridays for one quick piece of digitally native artwork. It might be video, GIFs, 3D models or a web page, but there’s plenty of works to pick from here. No criticism. Just posts.

If you’d like your digital art work considered for Digital Art Friday, my email is at the bottom of this posts. Be sure to let me know your name, the work’s name (“untitled” is fine), when you made it and the Brooklyn neighborhood you made it in. (If I can’t verify it’s local provenance, it’s not going to be considered.) Feel free to send more than one piece, too, but for now it’s going to be one piece each Friday (with links to more).

For this first entry, we think the above piece by Bushwick’s Man Bartlett is a fitting place to start. Stay tuned.

See more GIFs by Man Bartlett -30-
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