Digital Art Friday: FFFFFartsy.com, by Greg Leuch

For this week's quick blast of digital creativity: a website that comments on how we display art.

Put any digital work into a high-class gallery space with FFFFFartsy.com, like our site, for instance. (Screenshot via FFFFFartsy.com)

(Because art and tech are so inextricably linked in Brooklyn, we’ve started posting one piece of pure digital art every Friday. Enjoy.)

FFFFFartsy.com is a site that allows you to quickly and simply make it look like any webpage or digital work is hanging in a high-end gallery. Doesn’t Technical.ly Brooklyn look gallery-ready in the image above?

From the Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab website, which is behind the project:

FFFFFartsy supports images, video, and web pages. Paste in a URL, set the view options, and frame your work in the best looking online gallery.

Concept by Evan Roth. Made by Greg Leuch.

Try it

Leuch is a Brooklynite, formerly of KnowYourMeme and BuzzFeed. Currently, he is the co-owner of a new creative agency called XOlator.

Series: Brooklyn

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