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Dash software for paying bar tabs raises $400k [Startup Roundup]

Another round of investment for Dash Software, the bar tab paying app, the BioLite HomeStove gets accolades, delivery app WunWun wants to go global and more.

Who’s getting money?

Here’s the official announcement that Brooklyn Bridge Ventures raised an $8,251,000 fund, according to an SEC filing. We covered the announcement of this funding round last week.

Dash Software raised $419,691, according to an SEC filing. This follows up on the $700,000 it raised last summer. The software allows you to pay for your bill at a restaurant without involving the server, as we wrote previously. Watch their intro video below.

Vera, the Wishbone.org student we profiled, has successfully funded her campaign. There’s a note from Vera on the site, under “Updates,” dated Dec. 31st, 2013, thanking her backers.

Who’s getting buzz?

BioLite‘s HomeStove is a finalist for the World Design Impact Prize 2013/2014. Announced on Jan. 27th, the winner of the prize will be announced in South Africa on Feb. 27th. We wrote about the HomeStove’s long prototyping process.

One of RapGenius‘s backers describes the service as the Talmud of rap. Ben Horowitz explains that he was drawn to the company because it had an interesting origin story. We wrote about the expansion of RapGenius’s annotation services.

Placemeter gets included in a list of new products aimed at gathering information about places, in StreetFight, a news site covering hyperlocal. Placemeter is a locally based startup that uses data from publicly viewable cameras to estimate how busy certain businesses are.

WunWun, a local delivery service, expands to Dumbo and Williamsburg and wants to get all of NYC covered before it goes bi-coastal, according to TechCrunch. Kozmo.com anyone? Sounds like WunWun is thinking about revenue, though.

Companies: Genius / Dash / BioLite / Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
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