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5 successfully funded crowdfunding campaigns [Startup Roundup]

Crowdfunding campaigns wrap up and local businesses make major shifts with the Spring.

Who’s getting money?

Here are the results of recent crowdfunding efforts that we have written about here:

Who’s making moves?

MakeShift Society confirmed the opening date of its Williamsburg location as May 1st. We wrote about their initial Kickstarter campaign for the space here.

French web surveying import Poutsch has changed its name to Voice, according to a press release sent yesterday. We wrote about the startup’s move from Paris here. Their iOS app just went live in the App Store. It gives individuals and brands simple ways to create one questions surveys to share with the world.

CommonBond, the company that lends money to promising grad students to complete their studies and supports students in the developing world, hired Julianna Young as its Operations Lead, according to the company’s blog.

BlankSlate, the advertising network for geographically oriented sites, added The Culture-ist to its network of publishers for its display ads. We wrote about their work on Brooklyn’s tourism website.


Companies: BlankSlate / Smashworx / NYC Resistor / Makeshift Society / Voice / CommonBond
Series: Brooklyn

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