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Cool talk alert: Art in the age of mechanical cognition

Head to New Lab on March 6 to hear why every bot's a critic!

It's working right now. Are you? (Photo by Tyler Woods)

Head on down to New Lab next week for what looks to be a fantastic talk on the topic of creativity in a world of artificial intelligence.

Computational power continues to advance, but many of us continue to understand its intelligence primarily as … computational — able to crunch numbers but limited when it comes to language, insight, creativity, and so forth.

“Machines in many ways already surpass human capabilities—but can they compete with us in the creation of music, art, and literature?” asks the event’s invitation. “Can an AI ever be truly objective? Can we?”

The speakers look impressive:

Tickets are free. Get ’em while they’re hot, as we sapes would say, based on a shared cultural context which includes when printing presses produced heat in the course of doing their work and the most recently printed, the freshest news, would still be physically hot to the touch. Bet ya didn’t know that, bots!

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Companies: Pioneer Works / New Lab
Series: Brooklyn

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