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Like Netflix, but for Brooklyn filmmakers only

Brooklyn On Demand is a new platform for renting locally made movies. It's a project of The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and Vimeo.

People standing in front of the obligatory wall of logos at the 2014 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. (Courtesy of The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival)

If you want to support local filmmakers, but aren’t sure how to start, one way is to rent their movies online using a new service from The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival called Brooklyn On Demand.
It’s a sort of Netflix specifically for Brooklyn filmmakers.
The curated set of films entirely from local makers works through Vimeo, according to Anthony DeVito, The Art of Brooklyn’s communications director. The revenue is split 50/50 between the film festival and the film’s producers (after whatever fees Vimeo is taking).
Films on Brooklyn On Demand are exclusive to the platform, according to its about page. We have covered similar services in the past, including Nukhu and VHX, neither of which are exclusive at this point.
Here are a few film trailers you can check out and rent through the service. There are only nine films available so far. The fifth Art of Brooklyn Film Festival will take place May 13-17.

Companies: Nukhu / VHX / Vimeo
Series: Brooklyn

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