This Brooklyn engineer made a jukebox for her house using Amazon Dash buttons and Sonos

And you can too, thanks to some code from Google developer Tanya Reilly.

Lemonade, Moana, Bach. What more do you need, really?

(Photo via Tanya Reilly's Twitter)

Ingenuity is born out of necessity and in this case, the necessity was a way to get a four-year-old to be able to listen to the Moana soundtrack when she wished.

So Tanya Reilly, a Carroll Gardens-based engineer who works at Google, put together a way to get her Amazon Dash buttons programmed to play music over her house’s Sonos speakers.

“Here’s how it works: whenever you push the button, it generates ARP traffic on your wifi network,” Reilly writes on her blog. “You can set up a server on the network — perhaps a Raspberry Pi that’s been looking for a purpose! — and use the scapy library to listen for your button’s MAC address. Then you can take some action whenever you see that it’s been pushed.”

She goes on to offer code and a full GitHub repo for how to do this.

Reilly installed more than Moana, though. She’s also got the Hamilton soundtrack, Beyonce’s Lemonade and some Bach. A home jukebox at the touch of a repurposed button.

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