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Here are the newfangled delivery services currently serving Brooklyn

Delivering stuff right to your door is increasingly buzzy. A handful of services have expanded to Brooklyn in recent months. Here's a list.

A Caviar courier team posing in San Francisco. (Photo courtesy of Caviar)

We are sometimes a little reluctant to cover companies whose services have come to Brooklyn when they aren’t actually Brooklyn companies, but enough new ones have started here in the last year that maybe it’s alright to split the difference and do a roundup.

So, here’s some companies that have recently started delivering stuff to your door in all or part of Brooklyn:

  • Caviar, a fancier, more curated version of Seamless, extended its service from Manhattan into Western Brooklyn early this month. The service only lets certain eateries in, making its range of choices much less dizzying than the big fish in the pond. Caviar took a page from Mouth’s playbook in that every item on the menu has been photographed in the house style, giving it a consistent look. No minimums on orders, either. There’s just a $5 fee (though, as of this writing, we’re still in a free delivery trial period). Technical.ly Philly reported on Caviar’s expansion into Philadelphia this fall.
  • One day after Caviar went live, so did Swill. The booze delivery service went live in Williamsburg and Greenpoint on Dec. 5. Swill COO Gary Reloj tells us this marked the 81st anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. He also says that drinkers in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Bay Ridge can look forward to using the service in the coming weeks. Drinkers using Android will also be able to use the service sometime early next year, as well, he told us. The company promised booze to Brooklyn doorsteps earlier this year at a Brooklyn Tech Meetup event.
  • Wunwun is a bike-based delivery service of “everything.” Currently, it’s only active in Dumbo and greater downtown, as well as in Williamsburg. Wunwun says it can deliver anything from its member stores, as long as it’s 30 pounds or less and roughly fits in a grocery bag. Wunwun is only available as an iOS app and, crazily, delivery is free.
  • Ebay is running a pilot of its same-day delivery service here, but only for customers who want to pay to get it that fast. Which is maybe not many?
  • Groceries: Amazon Fresh is in a very limited, Park Slope-only deployment; Fresh Direct has Brooklyn covered.
  • Parcel manages the timing of the delivery of packages.
  • Push For Pizza deserves a shoutout here. It doesn’t actually deliver or touch anything, the company just dramatically changes the user experience of ordering pizza. Where’s that Android app, guys?

If you know of any other startups upping the delivery game in Brooklyn, let us know.

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