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CODE MONKEY ISLAND: board game teaches kids coding concepts [Crowdfunding]

Prime a child's brain for learning coding with a new game from Williamsburg designer Raj Sidhu.

In the middle of a CODE MONKEY ISLAND game. Photo from the site CodeMonkeyPlanet.com

Code Monkey Island is a prototype game by Raj Sidhu, a digital product designer at Quirky and Williamsburg resident. It gets kids ready to learn how to code by teaching them logic concepts that are integral to coding. Sidhu says the game is learned very quickly and takes about 45 minutes to play.

The idea is that you have a group of monkeys you need to get to the banana grove. Other groups are trying to get there as well and you each get cards you can play that have different effects on all the monkeys on the board.

Code Monkey Island is on Kickstarter now to generate enough pre-orders to make the minimum production run with the manufacturer.

Pledge $40 for a copy of CODE MONKEY ISLAND

From the campaign page:

Already, countries like England, Finland, and Estonia have made programming part of the core curriculum for elementary school students, and in the past year alone, incredible tools have been built (and funded by platforms like Kickstarter!) to help teach very young children how to think like programmers.

Here’s the Kickstarter video:

We first read about Sidhu’s side project in this story on Metro.

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