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Blue Apron is distributing 500k meals each month [Startup Roundup]

News from GREATS Brand, FilmBot, Sherpaa, Good Eggs, Blue Apron and Quotiful.

This reporter writes freelance from time to time for Fortune Tech, which has a story linked in the following.

Who’s getting money?

Williamsburg’s online-only, direct to consumer men’s shoe brand, GREATS, raised $1,268,294 on an offered $2 million equity round, according to an SEC filing. On its About page, it says the company was started in 2012 by Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi.

FilmBot raised $10,000 on an offered $100,000 debt round, according to an SEC filing. While it is not clear what the company is yet, its Twitter feed has been posting items since 2011.

Who’s making moves?

GoodEggs has redesigned its site for a responsive mobile experience, as we covered.

More on Sherpaa‘s move to Soho: according to an executive at the company the reasoning was simple, the balance of customers they were picking up were in Manhattan. It made more sense to be closer to them.

Who’s getting buzz?

Blue Apron is distributing a half-million meals per month, according to a write up on Fortune Tech. The company is the main focus in a piece focused on the burgeoning meals by delivery sector. The piece raises an interesting question: is that market crowded or is there so much room for growth that more startups don’t really matter. In fact, weirdly, they could almost be helping each other by working in parallel to promote the idea that meals by mail is a new normal. 

iOS app Quotiful was featured in the April 2014 issue of AllYou magazine. You can see a photo of the pages in this tweet from the app’s creator, Nicole Raymondi. We met Raymondi at the last Brooklyn Tech Meetup.

Downtown’s Q-Sensei made the “100 Knowledge Companies That Matter” list on KM World.

FlyCleaners got covered in BetaBeat, though it covers much the same ground as we did.


Companies: Good Eggs / Sherpaa / Blue Apron
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