Former Genspace director to launch new biotech organization this August

Biotech Without Borders will inaugurate its lab in Downtown Brooklyn with an Aug. 7 meetup.

Ellen Jorgensen in the Genspace lab. (Photo by Tyler Woods)

Ellen Jorgensen is back to teach people about biotech.

The former director of Genspace has a new organization, Biotech Without Borders, which will host its first event, PCRs and Pizza on Aug. 7 in the same building Genspace occupies.

According to its website, Biotech Without Borders is “dedicated to promoting the practice of biotechnology for useful and peaceful purposes in order to benefit humankind and the planet.”

At PCRs and Pizza, attendees will talk science and even be able to extract their own DNA and do a PCR-based test for a genomic mutation in the CCR5 gene.

Jorgensen stepped down as director of Genspace in March. The new director is Genspace cofounder Daniel Grushkin.

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