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19 bands with Brooklyn technologists in them

Looks like a festival lineup to us. Who wants to pull it together?

Update: We're adding more bands as we hear about them. The number in the headline has been changed. (5/6/15, 1:56 p.m.)

Before technology made starting a business so much less expensive, one of the only ways a few young peers could get together and make something that they might, maybe, possibly, make some money on one day was starting a band. Art, meaning and expression aside, bands are businesses, too.
So it’s no surprise that bands and startups are fellow travelers in these parts.
To that end, a list of bands that feature local technologists is something we’ve wanted to do for a while now.
Here’s who we found:
1. Bishop Allen

2. The Dismemberment Plan

  • Travis Morrison is the lead singer and also a cofounder of Park Slope’s Shoutabl, a social network/CMS built for music communities.

3. Total Makeover

4. Drop Electric

  • A Washington, D.C.-based band that includes Gowanus-based Farmigo’s data analyst, Sho Fujiwara, on keys and guitar. He just recently relocated here from D.C.

5. Our Skies Are Noise

6. Future of What

7. This is Carl Sagan and Feathers

  • Etsy Security Engineer Destiny Montague also runs this musical project. She’s a part of another band from Texas called Feathers. Montague says she should be playing out this summer with Carl Sagan, once she finishes up her album.

8. Three Thousand Rivers

9. The Hints

  • The Hints feature James Ellis on drums, who’s a partner at Williamsburg creative agency Athletics. The band played at Alphaville last month.

10. Adventure Capitalists

  • The dev-driven band is also on GitHub, FWIW. The band includes Williamsburg’s Rob Spectre of Twilio and James Dennis of Dumbo’s VHX. Spectre’s in Brooklyn but Dennis is in Astoria. Put them together and we have one band with a Brooklyn resident, working at a Brooklyn startup (just not the same person).

11. Happy You

  • A seven-person band including a member of Farmigo’s community support team, Peter Walters.

12. Banana Kiss

13. Phonoscenes


  • Etsy’s office hacker, Eric Beug, pitches in with steel guitar and mandolin alongside this folk duo.

15. Bound & Buried and Lugosi

  • Both bands feature Chris Huban, a senior art director at Dumbo’s Huge.

16. Base Case

  • This band features three software engineers at Etsy: David Leibovic (guitar and vocals), Kiron Roy (bass) and Ryan Bateman (drums).

17. Mobile Steam Unit

  • Jeffrey Manian is part of this Gowanus-based band. By day, he’s a dev at Manhattan’s Cover.


We have definitely missed a bunch, so let us know who your band is and what company you work for in the comments, or shoot us an email. Thanks.

Companies: OkCupid / Farmigo / Livestream / Northside Media Group / Huge / Shoutabl / Tinybop / VHX / Etsy
Series: Brooklyn

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