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Brooklyn artist makes Foreign Policy Global Thinkers list

The Iranian-born artist is working to preserve and reclaim histories of the Middle East.

Morehshin Allahyari, an Eyebeam fellow, was included in Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers 2016 list for “saving heritage on a zip drive.”
She appears alongside Hillary Clinton, Sean Parker and Justin Trudeau, among many others.
“Last year, the Islamic State released a video of militants bludgeoning a statue of King Uthal of Hatra — one example among the scores of ancient artifacts the group has destroyed in Iraq and Syria,” the publication writes of her. “Trying to reverse this ruin is Iranian-born artist Morehshin Allahyari, who leads Material Speculation: ISIS, a 3-D modeling and printing project that has reconstructed 12 artifacts, including the statue of King Uthal. Contained on a 570 MB Zip file are printable versions of the artworks, along with scholarly research, videos, and high-resolution images pertaining to the originals.”
In Brooklyn, Allahyari is working on several projects. Her Eyebeam fellowship is centered on preserving and reclaiming mythical traditions of the Middle East.
“I’m creating an archive of dark goddesses and mythical female figures from the Middle East,” she told Technical.ly Brooklyn in October. “The idea is that I’ll do one year of research and archiving and then create a project between that and fiction, like rewriting narratives from these old myths.”

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