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Algorave heads to Eyebeam *expanding galaxy brain*

Picture the absolute nerdiest version of Ibiza you can muster.

One of Brooklyn’s most interesting tech/art projects will head to one of Brooklyn’s oldest tech/art institutions Wednesday night, April 11.

Algorave, hosted by Ramsey Nasser and programming collective LiveCode.nyc will set up shop in Eyebeam’s new Bushwick location for a night of coding, music, lights and dancing, all free and open to the public.

“Our Algoraves involve coders making dance music and visuals while projecting their code for the audience to follow along. And sometimes people dance along too,” Algorave organizer Kate Sicchio explained to Technical.ly in January.

Algoraves are put on all over the world, organized by coders and artists in their own cities. Upcoming shows include London, Mumbai and Reykjavík.

According to Eyebeam, the performers will “share their screens with the audience in order to share their thought processes and algorithms, making for an event of bass, beats, and booleans.”

Sounds lit. We’ll see you there.

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