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We asked Philadelphians to show us their remote work setups, and they really delivered

Some of you are working from the couch, the dining room table or piled between coworkers (aka pets) — and some of you just have a frankly alarming number of monitors.

Early days of WFH sometimes meant your desk was a coffee table. (Photo by Julie Zeglen)

About two weeks ago (has it really only been that long??) many companies in the Philadelphia region and around the country began telling their workers to pack up their desks and begin working from home indefinitely to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For some, this adjustment was no big deal — they either worked from home already, or had a home office to turn to.

But a lot of folks in the Philly area (myself included) don’t have a home office space. Many now-remote workers are turning dining rooms, coffee tables, living spaces and couches into their workspaces. Some have triple computer monitor setups, while others are lucky to just have remembered to bring home a laptop charger from the office.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m glad to have a hand-me-down desk shoved into the corner of my bedroom that’s surrounded by pictures and things that make me happy. However, if I’d known I’d be spending 40 hours a week in my desk chair, I’d definitely have picked a more supportive one.

On Twitter, we asked Philly folks to show us their WFH setup, and I have to say: Ya’ll really pulled through. Managing Editor Julie Zeglen and former editorial intern Michaela Althouse are sprucing up and spreading out on their coffee tables.

Some of you are getting creative with furniture. Who says a couch or an ottoman can’t be a workspace?

And some of you are working wherever you can find some space.

Many of you have a multitude of screens. Like, A LOT of screens. Why so many screens??

Some of you have three going on.

Some of you are looking at Slack on full-fledged televisions.

Some of you have four — count em, yep, FOUR — screens.

But I think Nerd Street Gamers‘ CEO John Fazio has you all beat with this six(???)-screen contraption.

Many of you have cozy little desks setups.

But let’s be real — the best WFH setups come with coworkers.

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