Watch Comcast CEO Brian Roberts talk cord-cutting, customer service, net neutrality

In a Bloomberg interview aired Wednesday, the exec acknowledged cord-cutting is definitely happening.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts on Bloomberg TV.

(Screenshot via Bloomberg TV)

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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts will cop to it: His cable goes out too.

“I use it as a learning experience so that we’re trying to constantly improve and have a cycle of repair and improvement,” Roberts said Wednesday during an interview on Bloomberg TV’s The David Rubenstein Show.

The interview also yielded a rare moment of bluntness for a top comms exec: Roberts referred to the cord-cutting trend as something that’s “happening.” As reporter Bob Fernandez put it, the comment was an “unusually direct” admission of the phenomenon that last year reached one in five U.S. households.

“Television used to be free and now most americans are paying a lot of money for it,” Roberts ceded. “We’re trying to pivot the whole company to have a rapid deployment of new products that delight and surprise you all the time.”

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Though there was no direct mention of it, part of that pivot is Comcast’s recent push to enter the wireless space through Xfinity Mobile.

Roberts also mentioned Comcast’s push to improve on customer service and riffed on the topic of net neutrality. “Net Neutrality can also be called regulation,” Roberts said. “Sometimes people say I’m against net neutrality and that’s not the case at all.”

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