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This virtual tour of the Susquehanna River might take your mind off winter

Dreaming of summer? The Chesapeake Conservancy has you covered.

The holidays are over and the temperatures were probably in the teens when you woke up. Welcome to winter.
While summer may seem far away now, The Chesapeake Conservancy has something to help remember that warmer days will return.
The nonprofit released a full virtual tour of the Susquehanna River, including its mouth at the Chesapeake Bay.

Check it out

We profiled the effort, which is a collaboration with digital mapping specialists Terrain360, back in July when the small boat was still on the water. The vessel was outfitted with six cameras, which took pictures every 50 feet.
Along with the 360-degree view, the virtual tour that resulted from the 1,100-mile voyage also has a digital map highlighting specific points of access. After clicking on a point of access, users can explore from there.
“While making the Susquehanna virtually accessible to everyone, we also want to inspire people to visit the unique natural and historical resources and become stewards of the river to protect it for future generations to enjoy,” Chesapeake Conservancy President Joel Dunn said.


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