Ridesharing may become illegal in Philly by the end of the month, but so what?

The budget agreement authorizing ridesharing will expire on Friday, but will the Philadelphia Parking Authority take action?

Lyft and Uber may soon be illegal in Philly.

(Photo by Flickr user Alfredo Mendez. Used under a Creative Commons license)

Ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft may be illegal in Philly by next week, Billy Penn reported.
In July, Uber and Lyft were authorized by a budget agreement, but that agreement is set to expire Sept. 30.
That means that the Philadelphia Parking Authority could pull over and impound cars from either of the companies. But will it? The same consequences were also possible for about two years prior to the budget agreement in July. And, aside from that early PPA sting in 2014 when UberX launched in Philly that fateful Halloween weekend, not much happened. Remember how the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, who has jurisdiction over the suburbs, didn’t do a thing about Uber operating in the ‘burbs for months?
We have a email out to the PPA.
As for Uber, their local footprint at least feels secure. They opened a 4,200 square foot office in Southwest Philly at the beginning of the year.
In his story, Billy Penn’s Mark Dent also pointed out that the PPA likely has more pressing concerns: namely, sexual harassment claims against its executive director Vince Fenerty.
Last November, the state Senate passed a bill that introduced the possibility of legalizing ridesharing. The House, however, has yet to pass the bill. If the bill is not passed by Oct. 17, it must be re-introduced.


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