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Traitify’s new product applies personality data to employee growth and motivation

With Traitify Engage, the company is offering a tool that helps companies keep drawing on personality assessments after the hiring process for hourly employees. With the pandemic, a tool to support workers is being prioritized.

Traitify cofounders Dan Sines and Joshua Spears. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

Traitify found growth applying visual-based personality assessments during the hiring process for high-volume workforces. Now the Highlandtown-based company is expanding product offerings centered on helping companies engage and grow employees once they are onboard.

It took a step into that world on Tuesday with the release of Traitify Engage, a new product that draws on the results of the company’s 90-second personality assessment and offers employees content on topics like dealing with stress, working on a team and communication. Working with companies who bring on large numbers of hourly employees, Traitify sees room to offer more development opportunities for these workers, as well as develop a connection and stay motivated.

“It’s giving concise, really digestible insights to that employee,” said Traitify’s cofounder and chief product officer, Josh Spears. “Our goal is to not only make them better team members, but to give them actionable insights that they can leverage in their day-to-day life.”

Seeking to offer a replacement for the paper-and-pencil personality assessment that takes 10 to 30 minutes, Traitify’s personality assessment can be completed in 90 seconds. Developed by a team that includes technologists and psychologists, it is based on measures of the “Big Five” traits.

The shorter, digital approach also provides opportunities “previously unheard of in assessments,” Spears said. That means going beyond the selection phase of sorting through applicants and picking candidates that are the best fit.

Using the data, the Engage product can offer additional personalized content that extends into onboarding and beyond. This includes a report with video that is sent to employees, as well as some tips through the first day on the job. Then it sends regular emails and texts that expand on the initial report, so it designed to be self-directed. It also provides a report to the manager that can help guide engaging with their employees based on personality.

For the companies that will ultimately decide whether or not to invest and deploy the program, it can help to avoid turnover. During a challenging year that’s brought a pandemic and economic downturn, the company also sees it as an additional way that a stretched HR team can reach out to workers and offer help, including to those who have been furloughed or laid off. Engage was initially further down the company’s roadmap, but the pandemic prompted it to be fast-tracked.

“Once March rolled around and the pandemic hit the U.S., it became apparent to us that it was something that could be of value and support people during this time,” Spears said.

The launch comes after Traitify hinted at new product offerings when it raised a $12 million Series B investment round in March. The company ultimately sees it as part of suite of products.


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