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This Week in Jobs: A Happy 4th of July for Job-Hunting Software Developers

And a happy Hoagiefest, too.

Dogs awaiting adoption at BARCS in 2013. (Photo by Flickr user Brian George, used under a Creative Commons license)

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Hot Dogs and Scared Dogs

It’s that glorious time of year when Wawa’s Hoagiefest and the 4th of July align to create a perfect celebratory storm of fine foods and freedom.

For humans, that is.

Not even the juicy pleasures of a hamburger can offer solace to dogs during the Purge-esque, mind-shattering terror of a fireworks show. Even Cruella De Vil, pup-lic enemy No. 1, didn’t torment our fur friends with such a racket. Although she did kill puppies for fur coats. So probably not the finest example. And don’t even get us started on vacuum cleaners.

Anyways, should you have time between swigs of craft Miller Lite, check out the latest on the job scene.

The News

Another day, another new robot that’s superior to humans. Aerial robotics company Exyn Technologies — currently hiring robotics experts — has built a drone that can navigate mines without GPS. Until now, technology for mapping mines had maxed out at a 2D model. Next week, Exyn’s robot will be sent down into an undisclosed Latin American mine to create a 3D model using only onboard sensors. It’s actually much safer than sending humans into mines, so we should thank the robots. Yes, we must always be nice to the robots.

Growth spurts used to be those awkward times when your voice cracked and your pants suddenly stopped at your ankles. Now modern companies, unlike most eighth-graders, really seem have the transition down. Phenom People — an HR software company in Ambler, Pa. — just opened its brand-spankin’-new, 12,000-square-foot industrial-chic office space in Ambler Yardsin preparation to double its staff by year’s end. Word on the street is, it’s hiring about three people per week. ?

Turn5 really knows how to rev up a crowd. The car parts ecommerce retailer hosted 8,000 Mustang fans at its annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show and raised $117,068 for its favorite cause, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Dig sweet cars and good deeds? Check out the job listings.

The Jobs

Software engineers, you get the pick of the litter:

  • Mobile content provider ReachMobi is hiring both a Software Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer. The latter probably gets to boss around the former, so you might want to polish up your resume.
  • Civtech firm Azavea is looking for a Software Engineer. It specializes in creating geospatial data applications for clients like NASA. Should you by chance ever converse with anyone from NASA, try to play it cooler than Ariana Grande did.
  • HeathVerity is seeking a Software Engineer to help build its ecosystem for healthcare and consumer data.
  • ERP software maker Deacom is hiring a Junior Developer with any level of experience in engineering object-oriented software. This is your in, newbies. Run swiftly to the hills of Chesterbrook.

And for Engineers in Full Stack mode:

  • Inspire is looking for a Full Stack Developer. It offers a Netflix-style subscription to wind power. Which is probably healthier to binge on than all 9 seasons of The Office. Again.
  • Fast-growing fintech firm Perpay is seeking multiple Full Stack Engineers to build out its team.

A few opps for tech pros in the Mid-Atlantic:

Yours truly is looking to hire a DC Tech Reporter to serve as beat reporter and editorial point of contact for our DC site. It’s a pretty great place to work. Not that we’re biased or anything.

SmartLogic, a web and mobile product development consultancy based in Baltimore, is looking for Developers who can confidently handle a soup-to-nuts process, from client communication to implementation.

SpotHero, a transportation tech company, also in Baltimore, is hiring a “superhero” Technical Account Manager.

Best of the Rest

Pro tip before we go: Avoid working on your resume while celebrating this week. Beers and spell-check rarely mix. And remember to hit up that grocery store before it’s outta buns! Thanks for joining us. See you next week!


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