This multi-artisan marketplace in Trolley Square is a hidden gem

Nabbing those final Christmas presents? Consider this little bazaar, a real-life Etsy of sorts (minus the shipping charges.)

A look inside Remember That. (Photo by Holly Quinn)
Trolley Square is no stranger to shops bursting with tchotchkes, from vintage estate sale tea sets to handcrafted baubles.

The queen of them all was surely Cherishables on Delaware Avenue, a three-story row house that had been completely converted into a treasure trove. During the holidays, it was literally wrapped in a giant red bow. Though Cherishables is long gone now, Trolley’s eclectic little shopping strip is still going, with boutiques like Bloom and Trudy, and the Blue Streak Gallery.

The area’s newest shop, Remember That, is easy to miss. Tucked in the corner of the second floor of the Trolley Square Shopping Center, between the Agaru Tattoo and the Barbizon, it’s filled with artisan-made items and vintage finds.

It’s closer to a bazaar than a retail store. Local artisans bring their goods for display and sale, but instead of sitting at a table and selling their items, the displays make up the shop, which is run by Adrienne Oliver.

“This is for artisans who want to be in a retail store instead of doing craft fairs every weekend,” she said.

Like most craft fairs, many items are – affordable in the $10 – $20 range, while other pieces, like the vintage furniture, run higher.

Oliver launched Remember That in September. With a background in retail and hotel management, she was looking for something different, without a big company to answer to.

“I want to put that energy into me,” she says.

The new shop is still a work in progress, and it’s had challenges so far, mainly concerning foot traffic. To help combat that, she offers paint therapy classes, and plans to hold workshops and trunk shows in the new year.

Among the artisans with items in (or coming soon to) the shop are Beads By Carol, E-Klas Fashion and Levitea (Oliver herself refinishes whimsically-painted furniture herself). The shop still has room for a couple more artisans so, if you’re interested you can contact Oliver through the shop’s Facebook page.


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