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This month in history: Do these 10 Philly tech organizations have Wikipedia pages yet?

For Philly's 10th anniversary, we're digging through the archives. In June, we're going all the way back to OG to take another look at the local tech companies we thought deserved a Wikipedia page.

University City Science Center is a hub of startup activity. (Courtesy photo)

For’s 10-year anniversary, we’re diving deep into the archives for nostalgic, funny or noteworthy updates. This is part of a year-long series.

It’s June 2009: Barack Obama had been sworn into office as POTUS a few months ago, and Michael Jackson had just died. Meanwhile, we were getting a little heated that these Philly tech organizations didn’t have Wikipedia entries.

Although it might seem a little insignificant, representation of the Philly tech scene was pretty small at the time, and Wikipedia seemed like a good place to start. It’s something Philly technologists are still trying to figure out, as the city fights to figure out its tech story and ponders University City’s role as a catalyst for the community.

After 10 years, it might seem like all these companies should have some sort of Wiki entry by now. But the world’s largest community-edited encyclopedia is still missing some key Philly tech players. Fingers crossed that round two of our plea will inspire someone to step up to the plate and make our internet searches more Philly-inclusive.

Here are the 10 companies we said needed a Wikipedia page and whether or not they’ve met our expectations:

  1. Viddler: The one that started it all. After founder Rob Sandie tweeted asking for a Wiki page (and inspired the original article), someone answered his prayers and wrote up an entry. Yay for internet happily ever afters!
  2. University City Science CenterThe Science Center page has info all about its location, history, ownership and even a photo. We can’t say we’re all that surprised the issue was fixed: The world’s largest research park has probably Googled itself once or twice.
  3. Independents Hall: Although they don’t have an entry under their full name, typing Indy Hall into Wikipedia brings up exactly one line of text that tells you it’s a coworking space in Old City. Better than nothing, maybe?
  4. Philebrity: Still nothing here, but since it’s returning this month after a hiatus, we’ll give it some time to make things right.
  5. Evolve IPThe Wayne-based cloud platform company also has yet to be added to the Wik’s vast network. With clients including Dior, Chick-fil-A and American Express, someone needs to step up. It’s been too long.
  6. BioAdvanceEven in the wake of BIO International Convention 2019 (check out our coverage here!), there’s still no post about the Wayne-based venture firm.
  7. USA TechnologiesSuccess! Although the site has a note at the top that says the article has content that is “written like an advertisement,” Malvern-based USA has a page up and going strong. It was updated as recently as last June.
  8. Avencia: Now known as Azavea, the Callowhill-based company doesn’t have an entry under either name. Someone remedy this injustice for the people that helped make last month’s TWITH, OpenDataPhilly.
  9. The Skorpion Show: After posting weekly for 10 years, North Philly’s Kevin Simmons and Makael McLendon have more than earned their Wikipedia entry (But someone update it for them, please. It only lists episodes from 2009).
  10. Wireless Philadelphia: No one has attempted to revive our city’s failed attempt at providing low-cost WiFi hotspots, but we still think it deserves a page for their efforts. Especially since we were still talking about it as recently as 2017.

Oh, and the individuals that we nominated for their own page? Maria Rodale and Arthur Kade are the only two with entries to show. Highlights from the entries include Kade’s appearance on a “Gossip Girl” episode and Rodale’s stint as the editor in chief of Organic Gardening magazine.

Companies: EvolveIP / Azavea / BioAdvance / Indy Hall / Philebrity / The Skorpion Show / University City Science Center / USA Technologies / Viddler

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