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This map shows the regional contours of biotech

BioBuzz, which is relaunching as a media company, created the map of where to find the industry's players in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

Inside the Sinai Hospital Bioincubator. (Courtesy photo)

The different pieces of the biotech community forming what leaders have come to call the BioHealth Capital Region span a number of jurisdictions, between big companies headquartered in Gaithersburg, universities and startups in Baltimore and government institutions in Rockville. And that’s just an imperfect overview of Maryland that doesn’t even include D.C. and Virginia.
Over eight years, BioBuzz has been organizing events to knit the different pieces of the region’s biotech, life sciences and health corridor together. Instead of political boundaries, Frew BioBuzz Founder Chris Frew said that the area lends itself more to thinking about itself as a cluster across the three areas. And for people looking to tap into that community like students seeking jobs or entrepreneurs seeking connections, Frew wanted to provide a new way to visualize it.
This month, BioBuzz released its Regional BioMap, which shows the various startups, universities, incubators, healthcare players and other players in the region. Frew said that for many people, “seeing is believing,” and the map offers a tool to show what is here, as well as a way to break down categories by specific industry and affiliation.

“We want this to be something that’s dynamic because as the industry changes and grows, we want to be able to add to it and add data fields,” Frew said.
It’s part of a wider relaunch for BioBuzz which will focus on creating content. Known as BioBuzz Media, Frew said the goal is to do a mix of original and curated content about people and companies in the region. BioBuzz Media is a for-profit which will make money through being a PR and marketing partner, as well as some ads. But Frew said the goal is to keep the focus on the community. BioBuzz will maintain a nonprofit side through its foundation, and continue hosting networking events in the area, as well.
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