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These 12 AI and big data companies are entering Dcode’s 2020 accelerator program

The companies range in specialties from digital customization to a drone platform. They will convene in D.C. during the 10-week program.

Members of Dcode Accelerate's 14th cohort. (Courtesy photo)
Updated to clarify the total number accelerator cohorts Dcode has convened. (2/17/20, 10:12 a.m.)

Twelve AI and big data companies are convening in D.C. for Dcode Accelerate, which assists startups entering the federal market.

Over a 10 week period running between February and April, Foggy Bottombased Dcode will work with the companies to develop federal strategies and introduce them to government and tech industry leaders.

The Dcode team and mentors will work to equip the companies with what they need to win federal contracts and meet government needs. Along with in-person sessions with the companies, Dcode will host briefings, roundtables and receptions with industry and government stakeholders. Other parts of the program are virtual.

This is Dcode’s 14th accelerator cohort overall. Dcode holds several technology-focused programs every year, aiming to bring together tech solutions from the private sector to government missions. This will be the fifth cohort that specifically focuses on AI and big data.

The 12 tech companies, which were selected from hundreds of applicants, range from products in digital customization to a drone platform.

“We’re seeing continued interest from the government for the types of solutions that these companies offer, but simply finding a bunch of private sector companies is not enough. We source and vet tech companies rigorously to make sure they will actually be able to succeed in the federal market, and that is what excites us about the companies we work with,” Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger said in a statement.

Here’s a look at the companies accepted into the program, with descriptions provided by Dcode:

  •, a human-assisted AI for building custom digital products. The platform combines artificial intelligence with software engineers from vetted software development shops.
  • Constellation provides cybersecurity for big data. The Constellation Hypergraph Network provides a scalable and secure distributed network that validates data. For enterprise and public sector clients, they address digital threat vectors prone to big data initiatives, IoT, and data transportation.
  • HyperScience, based in New York City, uses machine learning to classify and extract data from diverse document types. The platform is designed to help decrease the costs and errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Fraym based in Mclean, Va., uses  AI and machine learning to produce local-level information on human and population characteristics focusing on hard-to-understand geographies in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. The tech combines remote sensing data with geo-tagged household survey data, yielding insight on the economic, demographic, social, health, psychographic, and other characteristics of a community or neighborhood to assess risks, make plans, allocate resources.
  • Imandra Inc. based in Austin, Texas, specializes in cloud-scale automated reasoning, democratizing deep advances in algorithm analysis and symbolic AI, including decision-making processes from complex trading systems to deep neural networks and logistics problems to battlefield and intelligence modeling.
  • Lynq allows devices to transmit any type of low-bandwidth data for miles without networks or infrastructure. Lynq’s software can be integrated into any device, enabling the device to create a secure, decentralized and rapidly deployable network capable of communicating with any “connected Lynq.”
  • Sema, based in Baltimore, has built a SaaS solution that measures the quality of code and developer contributions to code quality, productivity and knowledge. The company’s solution is used to manage third party development partners, tackle legacy system modernization, manage workforces, and de-risk transitions.
  • Sequentum, based in New York is a developer of intelligent web data extraction and web automation software designed to focus on web scraping and web automation technologies.
  • Teal is an unmanned systems platform company that is focused on development of Group 1 small sUAS hardware and software. Teal developed a full-stack drone platform that can be leveraged in both enterprise and defense verticals.
  • Trueface is a developer of computer vision and facial recognition solutions. Capabilities include facial recognition, liveness detection, object detection, weapon detection, age verification, and license plate recognition.

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