Join these Temple Owls talking about failure Saturday

Showing Temple University's growing entrepreneurship community, the school's alumni weekend features a panel on risk and failure.

Temple University is growing its collection of entrepreneurship-focused events.

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This is a guest post by Ellen Caccia, a co-organizer of this event and a representative of Temple University.

Entrepreneurship communities define themselves by how accepting they are of failure.

To find something big, risks need to be taken. Without failure, you aren’t risking enough, goes the logic. Philadelphia has made strides, but needs more — #Failfest has become an anchor of Philly Tech Week, for example.

Now a group of Temple alumni experienced in business, entrepreneurship and technology are bringing their stories of failure out in the open.

They share what’s true about many Temple alumni: our careers don’t follow straight paths. We experiment. We innovate. We create. We aren’t afraid to take risks in order to stay true to our dreams. And we know that one of the best ways to succeed is learn from other Owls. Join us this Saturday, June 10 at Temple’s inaugural Lead & Learn Summit — an interactive, idea-sharing afternoon with Temple alumni who count among Philadelphia’s most innovative and fearless leaders.


It’s a part of a growing network of entrepreneurship events taking place at Temple. The best part? It’s not just another seminar on how to succeed. Temple’s Lead & Learn Summit will tackle the issue of failure head on.

Here’s how:

  • Examining the benefits of failure. Failure sets you free. Faced with failure, there is the self-realization that we are not invincible, and can forge a path forward knowing that we can fail and come out on the other side.
  • Admitting we’re wrong. “I was wrong.” Why is it so hard to admit a mistake? We learn as children to say we’re sorry when we do something wrong. So why, as adults is it so difficult — especially in the workplace?
  • Embracing the near win. What can we learn from coming close, but not reaching the finish line? How does that near win impact how decision-making processes.

With a keynote address from Richard Henne, cofounder of Ivory Ella LLC, an ecommerce retailer that has gotten national attention. The panel includes professionals from a range of industries:


  • Marcus Allen, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region
  • Jereme Holiman, cofounder, UrbanStems
  • Brian Linton, founder and CEO, United By Blue
  • Dave Silver, cofounder and president, REC Philly; co-organizer, Amplify Philly
  • Yuval Yarden, executive director, Philly Startup Leaders; co-organizer, Amplify Philly
  • Moderated by Leah Kauffman, director of marketing and communications, Red Spark; founder Rad Girls

Failure is totally an option. In fact, some might say it’s a requirement.

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