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We’re all facing new challenges and uncertainty as our world faces a global pandemic.’s mission is as relevant as ever: “We convene the smartest people and organizations in industries that matter to help local communities thrive in the future.” We intend to lean into our mission to support our communities during these times with COVID-19 coverage to keep you updated with what’s happening in our tech communities, plus virtual events and talent resources. We can notably add value to our communities by helping companies connect with our 200,000+ readers.

Announcing: Free job posts

The current economic conditions due to the pandemic have resulted in layoffs, companies restructuring to support the fight against coronavirus, hiring freezes and companies that continue to hire. is making our jobs board free for all companies to post two open tech (or tech-adjacent) positions or roles created to support the fight. COVID-19 has impacted those job seekers who were looking for new opportunities before the pandemic struck or those who lost their jobs due to the economic slowdown.

Which companies can receive free job posts?

  • Any company hiring for technology roles, i.e. a startup that is hiring for a remote engineer or sales development manager
  • Any company hiring for production or technology roles related to fighting the coronavirus, i.e. production of face shields, ventilators, hospital equipment, data coordination, etc.

What are the discount code details?

  • For roles not related to the coronavirus, your company will receive a 100% discount code for two job posts.
  • For a role related to the coronavirus, there is no limit on job posts per company. The roles must be production, machinery or technology focused, i.e. an engineering company that’s hiring individuals to build 3D parts for hospitals.

How can a company participate?

Complete our hiring impact survey and a team member will contact you with the discount code and next steps:

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Additional COVID-19 coverage

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