Study: DC is top city for women in tech for fourth year in a row

But there's still work to be done toward equality, as SmartAsset's numbers show.

Think Company reps at the NET/WORK Philly 2017 job fair.

(Courtesy photo)

SmartAsset has named Washington, D.C. as the top city for women in tech for the fourth year in a row in its annual study, but women are still consistently paid less than their male counterparts.

The proportion of women in the District’s tech workforce stands at 38.5 percent, which is higher than the 26.2 percent national average, while on average D.C. women are paid 91 percent of what men in tech are paid – a 4 percent drop from last year.

“Women are consistently paid less than men for the same work, according to data from a variety of sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau,” according to the study. “Additionally, women are often underrepresented in the highest-paying occupations. In particular, women are underrepresented in STEM occupations, which in today’s economy tend to come with the best pay and strong long-term prospects.”

Kansas City, MO, ranked second, followed by Baltimore in third place and Arlington, Va., which ranked sixth.

The study, which analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data from 58 localities with populations over 200,000, also showed that the number of tech jobs in the District have grown by 33 percent.

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