CSA Medical Inc. raises $16M in equity [Startup Roundup]

This is the Startup Roundup. Every Wednesday morning, Baltimore will put together the smaller pieces that make up our startup ecosystem.

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who’s getting funded?

CSA Medical Inc, based Lutherville, Md., has raised $16 million in equity, according to SEC filings. The healthcare company develops a freezing spray cryotherapy technology for use in surgery.
WellDoc, based in Charles North, has raised $15.7 million in equityaccording to SEC filings. The health IT startupas Baltimore has reported before, creates an app that helps doctors monitor patients’ Type II diabetes by mobile phone, and is looking to raise $20 million overall.

who’s making moves?

Digital agency Mindgrub Technologies has created a mobile app for Polk Audio‘s Camden Square Bluetooth speaker. DJ Stream allows people to add songs to the same group playlist, and is available for iOS and Android.


Projects: DJ Stream
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