How the Death Star’s demise would look in a galaxy with cyber attacks

In honor of this year's Star Wars release, The CyberWire has a cybersecurity take — for education purposes.

A factor in the first Death Star's demise: malicious dongles.

(Image via

Another Star Wars movie is set to be released on Friday. That means it’s time to dress like a Storm Trooper to head to the theater.
It also means, perhaps, that it’s time to watch The CyberWire put a cybersecurity spin on the Death Star’s undoing. The short film is the second in the series, the first of which was part of a CyberPoint International project.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will convince you the technological terror’s vulnerabilities were exposed by a brave band of rebels.
Or was it a phishing attack on
Only the Galactic Empire’s CISO knows for sure.

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