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Here’s who’s speaking at Ignite Baltimore #17

The Sept. 29 event at MICA is part of Baltimore Innovation Week 2015.

Attendees gather at Ignite Baltimore #15. (Photo by Keisha Reed)

Ready for fast talk that means something? Ignite Baltimore is back this fall, and the list of the speakers is out.
The latest edition of the event made up of five-minute lightning talks is Sept. 29 at MICA. It’s part of Baltimore Innovation Week.
It will be the first event with new lead organizer Melissa Macchiavelli at the helm. Longtime leader Mike Subelsky announced he was stepping down over the summer.
Here’s the list of speakers, and topics:

  • Out of the Blocks – Aaron Henkin
  • Why Women Need Mentors – Kara Redman
  • “The Will to Survive” – Greg Abel
  • Providing the Bread and the Milk: Sustaining a Sales Career while Nurturing your Babies – Stephanie Anna Ranno
  • Date Your City – Christine Osazuwa
  • Saving Education One Brain at a Time – John H. Cammack
  • Hear Charm City: Opening new interfaces for soapboxes in Baltimore – Kristin McWharter
  • Cinnovation: Major Milestones in Movie History – Christopher Llewellyn Reed
  • The HOME Artists Residency – Michael Owen
  • The Life You Can Save: How Effective Altruism Can Change the World – Dr. Raj Ghoshal
  • Erasing Invisible Homelessness: The Role of Reproductive Healthcare – Helen Ryan
  • I’m a Professor, You’re a Professor, He’s a Professor, She’s a Professor, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Professor Too? The Death Grip of Academic Science – Adam Ruben
  • Radio Is Dead, Long Live Podcasting! – Mary Nichols
  • Access to Opportunities Can be a Life Changer – Allison Pendell Jones
  • Finding a Unicorn – Jennifer Dodson
  • Viewing Public Space Through the Lens of Parkour – Adam McConnell
  • Facing the odds/ becoming better than better – Alphonso Mayo
  • Explaining Science in the Age of Denialism – Elizabeth Lagesse
People: John Cammack / Kara Redman
Projects: Ignite Baltimore / Baltimore Innovation Week

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