SkyBitz launches new fleet management service

SkyBitz now offers a way for delivery-vehicle fleet managers to track their precious cargo.

Know where your truck is with SkyBitz's newest tracking solution. (Photo by Flickr user Glen Wallace, used under a Creative Commons license)

SkyBitz, the Herndon, Va.-based asset management company, announced Thursday the launch of a new service for owners and operators of service-vehicle fleets.
The new product is called SkyBitz Local Fleets, and it was developed to help fleet managers “maximize technology investments that keep their business running at peak efficiency,” according to a statement.
So what does SkyBitz Local Fleets do, exactly? Tracks things, presumably, though precisely how is unclear.
What is said is that through intelligence and SkyBitz’s signature GPS tracking, the service offers “visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage through real-time automated reporting.” All of this is valuable information to fleet managers looking to keep their services running in the most efficient way possible.
SkyBitz Local Fleets also comes with extensive customer support by way of the new “Customer Success Team” — a team with the mission of helping fleet managers use the new solution “optimally.” Businesses with vehicle fleets they’d like to oversee can utilize a subscription model for access to the technology.
Does the name of the company sound just a little familiar? That’s probably because SkyBitz recently provided the GPS capacity necessary to track the Capitol Christmas tree on its 4,000-mile journey from Alaska to D.C.
The tree, which has since arrived safely in the District, could be seen via throughout its trip. SkyBitz seems to think that this kind of visibility will be valuable for companies operating sales, service and delivery vehicles as well.


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