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SilverStrategy celebrates eight years with a helpful guide to #dctech resources

Some useful stuff here. Incubators, accelerators and angel investors — oh my!

A special day. (Photo by Flickr user Rich Renomeron, used under a Creative Commons license)

SilverStrategy, Tara Chantal Silver’s D.C.-based PR and marketing firm, officially celebrated eight years of operation on Wednesday.

In those years Silver has worked with more than 60 clients, many in the #dctech space — clients like Surprise Ride and cove. In fact, #dctech is an area of particular focus for Silver. “We’re honored to be helping the D.C. tech startup community flourish,” she wrote, in the anniversary announcement. “Our clients inspire us every day, and we cannot wait to see what exciting projects we can help you with over the next eight years.”
And so, as a sort of reverse birthday present, Silver decided to celebrate eight by releasing a guide to D.C.’s tech resources — a “one-stop-shop list of the best #DCTech has to offer you.”
Check it out
From coworking spaces to venture capital firms and beyond, the guide (a PDF) offers names and web addresses associated with a whole lot of what any newcomer (or not-so-newcomer) to #dctech might be looking to find.
Notice something that’s missing? Let @SilverStrategy know.

Companies: Surprise Ride / cove

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