ShopRunner is hiring. Here’s why you might want to work there

The Conshy-based ecommerce company has made a point of being inclusive and equitable.

The entrance at ShopRunner's Conshohocken office.

(Photo by Juliet Shen)

Upon entering ShopRunner’s expansive, light-filled office, there is a definite sense of purpose in the air. From the non-gendered restrooms, to the fully-stocked snack room, to the open and flexible workstations, ShopRunner makes it clear that you are welcome here.

Check out ShopRunner’s new Technically Talent Culture Page to find out more about the company and see available jobs.

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The Conshohocken office buzzes with multiple teams running video conferences from glass-fronted work rooms with ShopRunner clients and the company’s West Coast and Chicago HQs. Other staffers go about their work in the open-concept space.

Team members at the growing ecommerce company speak of the autonomy, generous flexibility and plentiful opportunities for advancement.

“ShopRunner gives you the freedom to work the way you want,” said software engineer Sean Lawrence. “They trust you to finish the work that needs to get done.”

ShopRunner's Conshohocken office. (Photo by Juliet Shen)

ShopRunner’s Conshohocken office. (Photo by Juliet Shen)

ShopRunner's "Wall of Wonder." (Photo by Juliet Shen)

ShopRunner’s “Wall of Wonder.” (Photo by Juliet Shen)

“One of the main reasons I came here was to have a larger impact on a company,” said Product Design Lead Corey Sawyers, formerly of Barclays. “I feel I have a true seat at the table [at ShopRunner].”

ShopRunner’s member program offers free two-day shipping and returns for the numerous major brands and retailers that it partners with. The company’s products are designed with a goal of making the e-shopping experience seamless and pleasant for consumers. Equally, it’s apparent that ShopRunner cares about its employees’ experiences, as the company continues to be vocal in its push to create an inclusive workplace.

“We want you to bring your whole human self to work every single day,” notes ShopRunner in its latest job post. “We accept you for who you are.”

Gender-neutral bathrooms at ShopRunner. (Photo by Juliet Shen)

Gender-neutral bathrooms at ShopRunner. (Photo by Juliet Shen)

(Photo by Juliet Shen)

(Photo by Juliet Shen)

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