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The Science Center backed these research projects with $200K each

A robotic surgery device, a cancer-fighting nanoparticle and a breathing device for premature babies got backing from the organizations' QED program.

Science. (Photo by Flickr user University of Liverpool, under a Creative Commons license)

Three life sciences researchers at The University of Pennsylvania, Penn State and Rowan University got $200,000 each from the University City Science Center as part of the organization’s QED Program, which seeks to pair up academic researchers with the funds they need to give their ideas a test run and ease the path to commercialization.

It’s the ninth iteration of the QED program — which stands for the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, or “proven as demonstrated.” Since its inception in 2009, it has offered awarded $5.45 million to 31 projects.

The latest awardees were selected from a pool of 64 applicants from 15 academic and research institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Meet the selected academics and the projects they will be taking on:

  • Mohammad Abedin-Nasab: The Rowan researcher will work on Robossis™, a robotic surgery device designed to assist surgeons with pre-operative planning and alignment of long bone fractures, leading to faster surgeries.
  • David Cormode: Based out of the the University of Pennsylvania, Cormode will continue work on a biodegradable gold nanoparticle-based technology that increases radiation absorption in tumors, creating improved therapeutic efficacy in cancer.
  • Charles Palmer: The researcher will take on the development of a non-invasive assisted breathing device for pre-term infants with respiratory distress that uses negative pressure to prevent chest wall collapse. The project will take place at Penn State.

“The QED program continues to highlight the treasure trove of technologies at our region’s universities,” said the Science Center’s Stephen Tang. “But as last year’s study into the impact of QED shows, the program’s value lies in its people. QED matches some of our region’s most accomplished scientists with business advisors and industry and investor professionals.”

Companies: Rowan University / University City Science Center / University of Pennsylvania

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