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Game devs: Learn how to make $$$ on Red Queen Gaming’s marketplace

This Saturday, a hackathon organized by the University City company will break down how “Runes” can bring in passive income for devs.

Red Queen Gaming, makers of a platform for digital tools that help gamers and videogame developers, want more devs to make tools on their marketplace — and make some moolah in the process.

The way the platform will work is by having developers create “Runes,” or gameplay tools like stat trackers, heat maps or analysis tools that other creators can then add to their games. Each time a Rune is activated, Red Queen pays a royalty to the creator.

To help others catch wind of how the Rune creation process works, the company’s hosting a free hackathon Saturday and Sunday at Harrisburg University’s Philly campus.


“We are striving to create a full-time or side passive income for those interested in building Runes,” said COO/CFO Bill Smith.

Smith said user-generated content is becoming a huge part of the gaming industry and there’s a big opportunity for software developers to generate compelling content, become influencers in their communities and getting passive income.

“We’re preparing to launch a content creator portal that will make it easy for people to create Runes and host them on Red Queen for the world to discover,” Smith said. “The hackathon is our way of introducing the platform too early adopters, and helping us learn what our content creators really want to get out of it.”

The company is based out of IC@3401 in University City and is a team of five, with two more staffers coming aboard in the next two months.

After the hackathon, Smith said the company will work with local bootcamps — one of its recent hires is a New York Code + Design Academy grad — to help students integrate building Runes into their curriculum, possibly allowing graduates to start pulling in passive income before they graduate.


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