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REC Philly’s inaugural Independent Doesn’t Mean Alone Awards celebrated these creators

As nominated by members of their community, the awards recognized Philadelphians excelling in their creative mediums.

REC Philly's Creator Awards. (Photo by Kevin Kilkenny, courtesy of REC Philly)

Creative community and coworking space REC Philly has been finding ways to stay integral to its members throughout the pandemic, and this past weekend, it celebrated its first IDMA (Independent Doesn’t Mean Alone) Awards.

The aim was to showcase and celebrate its members at an IRL event filled with live performances and lighting talks. Nominations were open to the public, though all who were nominated are REC members. Members were evaluated on their past work and portfolio, and how they stand up to REC’s core values.

Check out the categories and their winners:

  • Own Your Future Award, for a creator who shows a high level of “strategy, creativity and digital savviness” while running their creative business —  Rubber
  •  #NeverUnfollowing Award, for someone who engages with their fans and has a strong community of followers — Christian Crosby
  •  IDMA Award, for someone who has “recognized the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within and across disciplines to maximize their creativity and potential” — Kahleel Frazier
  •  I Get Active Award, which honors someone using REC’s resources to actively improve themselves — Seraiah Nicole
  • Creator with a CAUSE Award, a member who is committed to social and political change — Carlos Aponte
  •  Dream Team Award, goes to a team that works well together, delegates and accomplishes their goals HBC
  •  #GROWTH Award, for a creator who’s demonstrated growth in their craft — Blanco Rabbit
  • Top Visual Creator Award, for a creator who’s excelling in visual arts —  JoLeaha Larke
  • Top Audio Creator Award, for a creator who’s excelling in the audio space — Max Swan 
  •  Top Product Creator Award, for a creator who’s excelling in the product space — Matt Lockerman of All Play No Work
  •  Top Experience Creator Award, for someone who’s “demonstrated excellence as a creative entrepreneur by creating impact experiences” — Luis Marrero
  •  Creator of the Year Award, for someone who has “exemplified excellence as a creative entrepreneur, taking control of their career, making phenomenal art and monetizing effectively” — Aaron Ricketts

You might know Ricketts as the local visual artist tapping into that previously unseen world of art commerce that allows both for equity and higher sales — that is, nonfungible tokens, or NFTs.

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